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Ways to Start Becoming More Active

It’s hard to find a way to start being more active especially when you’re so used to working a 9-5, or when you’re used to telling Netflix that yes, you are still watching. You need to start somewhere right?
So, here are some little ways to start becoming more active that can eventually grow into a lifestyle in your daily habits!

1.     Start counting your steps

Create a step goal and always aim for that! On average, you should try to aim for 10,000 – 15,000 steps per day. Fitbits, Apple Watches and even your Health App on the iPhone helps keep track of your steps.

For more motivation and free movies, the Carrot App counts your steps and rewards you with 4 Scene points for every time you beat your step goal.

2.     Walk or run outside.

When you are outdoors, you’re going have to walk back home which gives you more minutes of being active and gives you more steps just for walking back home. Unlike running or walking on the treadmill, it keeps you in one spot and you’re bound to end at any time.

3.     Create a bomb workout playlist!

A lot of the times people can’t find motivation to keep running or to keep going. Creating a playlist with upbeat songs that you love gives you more energy to not stop and to motivate you stay active with the music.

4.     While you are at work, try to get up and move at least once every hour!

Get blood that flowing through your legs! Maybe set a reminder for each hour to give you a reminder to get up and move! On Apple Watch, turn on your Stand Reminds to receive a reminder to stand if you’ve been sitting for the first 50 minutes of an hour.

5.     GO SHOPPING! Find a workout outfit that you want people to see you in! 

Trust this tip, when you go out and you find a nice workout outfit, you are going to want to wear it. New workout clothes motivate you to go out and workout to wear it!

6.     Find a race or obstacle course and register for it!

Once you register for it, there is no turning back. Training for a race motivates you to do your best. You will find the motivation to work hard for that one big race and you may get addicted to finding races later on.

7.     Lastly, DON’T compare yourself to others.


Especially with “fitness” accounts on Instagram. Professional athletes, sure, but don’t compare yourself to others. You may think that it’s motivation to look like this person and reach a goal like that person, but when you realize that you’re not able to do this or that, it may not motivate you to anymore and you will find a way to give up. Go at your own pace, you’re not going to get abs like Simone Biles overnight.


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