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5 Tips on training for your first 10k

You got sucked into doing a race. Your friend tells you to do it but gives you no choice. You ask yourself “a 10k? Why couldn’t I have just started running 5k as my first race?” You already agreed to it and already paid for your registration fee. So now what? 
Here are some great tips from a fellow half marathoner to help you run your first race.

1.     Just run.


The obvious one. You need to start somewhere! Run or jog outside or on the treadmill, anything to get your cardio going!

2.     After every run you do during your training, just keep going longer each run.

For example, say Monday you run for 30 minutes. Aim for your next run to be 35 minutes or even 40 minutes. Same goes with kilometres. One day you can do 2k, for your next run try to aim for 3k. Find your way to work up to 10k.

3.     If you like training on a track, try doing intervals.


There are several ways to do it. Do what’s best for you. A good one for a track is to sprint on the straight 100m and then walk/light jog on the curve 100m.

Another interval drill that goes well while you listen to music is lightly jog during the verses and go faster during the chorus.

4.     Try doing a light 10k run two weeks before the race.

Know how long you will run and get familiar with the distance before you run your race.

5.     Train with someone who is familiar with running races

Doesn’t mean to necessarily compare yourself with them, that person could be anyone who’s done them before. They’ve done it before so you have someone you can trust with tips they give you. Running with someone who is familiar with running also helps with learning how to keep up a good pace. But don’t push yourself too much.


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October 1, 2018

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