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Secret ways to add in the Healthy Crunch Kale Chips and Kale Krumbs® to your meals

Did you know that the Healthy Crunch Kale Chips could be added into your meals and not just as a snack? Sometimes you get to the end of your Kale Chip bag and decide to eat it, but don’t want to be a messy eater. Adding The Healthy Crunch Kale Chips is actually the perfect way to add in kale, flavour and that extra crunch to your meals. Here are some ways to add them in:



1.     In your scrambled eggs or omelettes

Eggs on their own is a bit boring. So bring some life to them! The usual is to just add some red peppers, leafy greens, salt and pepper, and cheese to your eggs and omelettes. A healthy alternative to your eggs is to skip out on adding salt and pepper, and add in some Healthy Crunch Kale Chips!

Preferred Kale Chip Flavour(s): Say Cheeze! Or Hello Jalapeno

2.     On your avocado toast

When you’re just starting to create avocado toast, you kind of look at it like “that’s all to it? What else is there to add?” Adding The Healthy Crunch Kale Chips gives it a great taste like it’s an added seasoning and of course, the added crunch. It’s actually the most popular food that our Instagram followers like to top off with our Kale Chips.

Preferred Kale Chip Flavour: Hello Jalapeno or any of the flavours to your liking!

3.     Substitute bread crumbs for Kale Krumbs

One example is when we are making stuffed peppers. Yeah stuffed peppers is great, but topping it off with bread crumbs is great also. But did you know it’s actually delicious if you top it off with Kale Krumbs? You could have both kale krumbs and bread crumbs to fit your liking.

Preferred Kale Chip Flavour: Hello Jalapeno or Say Cheeze!

4.     In your Salads!


Make your salads more colourful! Leafy greens give you a crunch and our Kale Chips would be perfect for that added extra crunch!

Preferred Kale Chip Flavour: Any flavour to your liking!

5.     Use Kale Krumbs® as a steak seasoning!

 You may not even have thought about it, but at least you’re getting your veggies in without having veggies as a side.

Preferred Kale Krumb Flavour: Hello Jalapeno or The Big Chipotle

6.     In your burgers or sandwiches

For burgers, if you make your own patties, it’s a great addition for the extra hidden crunch. Add some crunch to your lunch sandwiches too if you run out of ideas or ingredients for your sandwiches!

Preferred Kale Chip Flavour: Say Cheeze!


There are so many different ways to add them your meals!
What are some ways you like to add them in your meals? What’s your favourite recipe where you add in our Kale Chips? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you

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