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Meet the Team: Theresa Baladad


Theresa is the Digital and Marketing Specialist at the Healthy Crunch Company. Here’s a fun Q/A with her.

1)What is your favourite kale chip flavour?
My favourite at first was The Cool Cucumber + Dill but it slowly faded to be Hello Jalapeno.

2)Any pets?
I have a dog named Rudy. He kinda looks like Will Byers from Stranger Things.


3)What is your favourite thing to do at work?     
I love packing boxes to send out to contest winners and influencers. It’s nice to see when they post on Instagram that they received it and inside I go “yeah, that was me who packed that box.”


4) Dead or alive, name 5 people you would like to have at a dinner party?
My boyfriend. Beyoncé. Ed Sheeran. Adam Rippon. Tom Holland.

Boyfriend cause obviously. I want Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran to duet Drunk in Love and well Beyoncé cause BEYONCE. Adam Rippon because he is the kind of guy I want to have a full on laughing conversation with. Then Tom Holland because I love annoying my boyfriend saying I’m going to marry Tom Holland.

5)What is your favourite restaurant?
I really like Pickle Barrel or Milestones or even Queen Street Warehouse.


6)Celebrity Crush or a Celebrity you love?

Tom Holland or Niall Horan. I like to tell everyone I’m going to marry Tom Holland.




7)Tell us a random story that happened to you

One time, my boyfriend and I won $2,800 at the casino playing slots. It was so weird for so many people looking at me at 2am as the slot machine was ringing cause they looked so defeated that a girl who looks 16 just won jackpot.

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