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How to get ready for Playoff Season

NBA and NHL playoffs have now officially started! Whether you’re going to the game, starting to grow that playoff beard, or even mentally preparing yourself, here are some tips and tricks for you to get ready for the season.


You need team gear.

It’s a must. The team colours may just pass but you need to show off more of who you are cheering on for since there are teams who have similar team colours. Unless you’re like THOSE fans who wear two different team shirts on top of the other of teams you’re cheering for based on who’s winning or advancing.

*TIP* If you are a size x-small, small, or medium in adult sizes, you will most likely fit in L, XL, XXL in kids sizes.


Don’t get your hopes up or you will jinx it.

Please do not say the ‘F-word’ (finals) because you will jinx it and probably feel guilty for jinxing it. Believe it and show your full support, but just don’t say it.


Stay hydrated.
You never know what is going to happen at a game. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN. You’re already using so much energy watching and cheering on at the screen!


Stay Warm and dress accordingly to the weather!
This tip is geared towards Toronto Fans who watch outside the Air Canada Centre at Maple Leaf Square/Jurassic Park. As we all already witnessed, the weather isn’t always reliable and also, games do tend to go on after 9 so it does get cooler during the night time.


You need food.
Snacking is great. Especially when you plan on hosting on everyone getting together to watch the game! You need to fill the stomachs of hungry super fans of course! Our favourite snack to munch on while watching is the Healthy Crunch Company Kale Chips of course. Other snack ideas are veggie platters and vegan dips and chips!


You may ask, but why? I’m just watching a screen. No. If you love this team so much, and you want them to keep winning and doing what they do best, YOU WILL GET UP OFF YOUR FEET AND JUMP EVERY TIME. If they shoot with that game winner buzzer beater and you don’t have your cardio ready, I’m just going to give you a good luck.

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