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Top 5 Spring Essentials

Whether the weather still feels like winter, it still is technically spring. Here are top 5 spring essentials to help you get ready for spring (or if it decides to come)

  1. A Spring Jacket
    A trench coat, denim jacket or even a raincoat. Something light and warm keeps you ready for the spring weather to come.

  2. Vitamin C

    Needed for every season, Vitamin C helps prevent symptoms of a common cold and also support healthy immune function. With the transition of weather, it does cause a lot of colds and sick people in school and in the office. Vitamins aren’t only in supplements. You can have vitamin C in apples, asparagus, oranges, and also kale!

  3. Rain boots and Umbrella

    So you can do Rihanna’s Umbrella choreography in the rain. Duh. AND to also get you ready for the wet weather the Spring time brings.

  4. Proper running shoes for outdoor runs

    You can’t just wear shoes just because they look good. Some runners and athletes have specific shoes to the type of terrain they run on. Just like how track and field runners have spikes and hikers have hiking boots. Running outdoors and also indoors should benefit to the type of run you have and the type of feet you have. Best answers are from the employees you get your shoes from.

  5. Hand sanitizer
    It’s the season where everyone sneezes and where everyone decides to walk more. Which causes lots of touching aka the spread of germs. Obviously, we aren’t saying that hand sanitizer should substitute washing hands, but it’s definitely handy to have especially if you aren’t close to a sink and soap!

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October 1, 2018

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