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Product Review: Rise Kombucha


Earlier this month, our Healthy Crunch Marketing Team displayed our delicious kale chips at in the Healthy Planet booth at the Toronto Yoga Show and Conference. While being at the show, our marketing team got to experience and taste other great products.


There were many different Kombucha brands at the show, but one mainly stuck out. Rise Kombucha had a special show price of 10 bottles for $30 no tax. Which was a hit for many show attendees. Compared to other Kombucha brands at the show, Rise Kombucha has 6 flavours. They vary from Mint & Chlorophyll, Ginger, Lemongrass, Hibiscus & Rose Hips, Rose & Schizandra, and Blueberry & Maple. Our Healthy Crunch Marketing took advantage of the 10 bottles for $30 and bought all 6 flavours with 4 out of the 6 flavours being doubles.

Rise Kombucha is a locally produced, organic, fair-trade and vegan kombucha and wow, does it taste amazing. Their flavours were really strong and sweet. It has a great kick to the drink and flowed down very nicely. The Ginger flavour was also a big surprise. Usually, in general ginger flavours don’t really have the greatest rep out there because of the strong taste that doesn’t sit very well with people who drink it. But the Rise Kombucha Ginger flavour makes drinking ginger bearable! It does have the same essence of drinking ginger root, but it isn’t as strong as you may think. Of course, it is not ginger on its own but with most ginger products and drinks, it always has some strong essence that makes it hard for non-ginger drinkers to drink ginger.


As for the other flavours, they were amazing. All individual flavours do special powers to your body. For example: Mint & Chlorophyll assists in hangovers, early risers and also for when you overeat! The detoxifying kombucha helps get it all out of your system as quickly as possible. Another example is Hibiscus & Rosehips. This kombucha calms the nervous system so you can focus on what’s really important.

We definitely would be on the lookout for buying more Rise Kombucha outside of trade shows. Definitely  We give Rise Kombucha 5 stars out of 5 stars! 


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