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Top 5 Things to Remember While Getting Ready for Prom

Prom Night. As everyone says, "it’s the night to remember". Although prom is without a doubt a night to look forward to, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Hopefully, that doesn’t add to unnecessary stress. There’s a lot of things that we wished we knew when we were getting ready for prom, so now it is our job to let you know what to remember while you’re getting ready for prom.


1) Your Exams Matter

Remember that the only reason you have prom is because you’re still in school. Depending whether you’re having your prom before or after exams, this shouldn’t be your second option. School should always come first. Then that’s when number two comes in …


2) It doesn’t have to matter how you look!

Don’t stress out on find the perfect prom dress because there’s an 80% chance that you will end up with a dress that is completely different from what you were hoping for. Also, your hair and your makeup. Don’t stress on how perfect it has to be, try simple hairstyles for you to do yourself and doing your own makeup will make no different to getting it professionally done.


3) Save Money!

Like previously said, do your own makeup and hair. There’s nothing wrong with going the way you like to look like! Sometimes the perfect prom dress is literally right in front of you and is possibly less than $90! Also, there’s nothing wrong with going with a big group of friends that can all pitch in to pay for transportation. The more people you have, the less you will end up paying.



4) Don’t stress on promposals

Don’t stress on having some big promposal (goes back to the tip on saving money) to ask someone to prom and don’t stress on if someone will ask you to prom! Sooner or later, you’re going to be glad you just went with your friends.


5) It’s actually not the most important night of your life

Anticipating it to be the best night of your life will only create unrealistic expectations. Go with the flow and you’ll enjoy without any added stress.



Eat and stay hydrated! You’re not always going to have the best food, especially at a high school prom. Drink water, you’re going to dance the night away. Your health ALWAYS #1.


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