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Top 5 Ways to Stay Active at the Office

At the Healthy Crunch Office, we find ways to stay active while working in the office.


1. Buy an Apple Watch


It’s a good way to keep track of your activity and steps! Also, it’s a great way to have a friendly competition between you and your fellow Apple Watch wearers at work!


2. Do Jumping Jacks

Get up at least every 20 minutes and get that heart pumping and your blood racing!


3. Walk during your lunch break!

 This nice weather calls for you to be outside! Instead of sitting in front of your computer screen or phone while killing time on your break, get up and go for a quick walk outside! Enjoy the weather and close in your Apple Watch Rings!


4. Start an Office Fitness Challenge

 Maybe you can start a friendly competition to track your steps and see who can walk the most in a day, or you could organize group walks at lunchtime, or make a rule that every hour on the hour you all stand up and do ten squats.


5. Try a Standing Desk

You should always try to stand up regularly but with a standing desk, it gives great benefits! Standing uses more muscles and burns more calories than sitting – and it can be great for your back and posture.


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