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How to survive Summer Road Trips

Summer road trip season is fast approaching! Here are our top five tips from The Healthy Crunch Company to help you survive a Summer road trip with friends or family.




1) Make a banging playlist

Shotgun or not, be ready to impress the passengers with awesome music. Add in “old school” songs, songs that bring up good memories, or #1 karaoke hits. You can’t go wrong with Bon Jovi’s Living on A Prayer.

Epic Roadtrip Playlist 


2) Get snacks ready!

Always have healthy snacks and drinks ready for a long car ride. Instead of buying snacks at every rest stop, save on money and plan ahead by bringing your favourite healthy snacks yourself. Don’t forget to hydrate, and drink lots of fluids on the road. Try our Healthy Crunch Kale Chips for the perfect snack for your next road trip.


3) Be Prepared for Any Emergency

You never know what could happen. Always have a First aid kit in your car including necessary items like band aids, blankets, and water.

Check out this article on 20 things you must have in your car emergency kit!


4) Have your maps and GPS handy.

Sometimes your GPS system may get you confused and you take a wrong turn or it’s giving you a longer way to where you’re trying to go to. Traveler’s Tip -  if you are out of the country and don’t want to pay roaming fees: Download the Google Map App beforehand, from here you can download offline maps catered to the area you will be traveling to.


5) Plan a driving schedule

If someone is fine with driving the whole ride, that’s cool! But if someone isn’t fine with it, plan ahead on who will be driving and for how long each person will be driving. Take regular breaks when you’re driving for long periods of time. It’s always best to arrive at your destination rested and safe than early and exhausted.  


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